It starts with a book, or a show, or a comic strip. Then out comes a movie, a cartoon animation or a musical. After that, a video game or a TV series. All with the same story to tell.

Narratives now come in different mediums. I would like to focus on this in ReflectStory.

We consume as much fiction nowadays as we do dine or sleep, and we encounter them from friends, or TV, or the internet. Many stories are retold again, to fit the modern age. Others, to remind us of the past. But in any form, we look into the impact of such stories over time.

I hope that I get to share my enthusiasm for discussing this aspect of fiction and storytelling.

About Me

Marianne here! A 24-year old avid fanatic of all things paper. Currently working on the corporate, but a part-time fan of TV, movies, and books in my spare time. Can often predict the endings of soap operas.

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