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About ReflectStory

Where It All Started

A few weeks before I started in elementary school, my mom brought home the school year’s set of school books. One of the books bought was for the reading comprehension, a book filled with short stories, with questions for discussion and vocabulary banks. Now, it was expected that since this is a school book, that I was to read this along, with the class. But the day before school started, I have already finished the book from cover to cover.

I did that the next year, and the year after that, and the next. And then I started getting into reading novels individually, and that’s what started it all, this weird obsession for plot, narrative and concepts.

A World of Stories

Stories are fascinating things. Millions of books are published every year, but to be honest, the storytelling world does not stop there. Hundreds of movies are released internationally on a yearly basis, TV series comes out with seasons and seasons of episodes, and even gaming is moving into a new scene as an innovative and unique genre. Comic books, theatre and ballet, even short clips made on Youtube. The storytelling world is just evolving.

In this world where stories are abundant, there is always room for critical and meaningful discussions. ReflectStory is my complication of these thoughts and musings.

ReflectStory is a small project of mine for exploring narratives and how they impact the world.

With all the forums and the Reddit and discord servers, along with various social media, we tend to talk about these entertaining mediums on a daily bases. However, fandom and celebrity awe is much less a focus here. We will be discussing mostly flaws of character, lore-building and plot-holes if any. 

I hope to engage in meaningful discussions on narratives and storytelling, in a few ways:

  1. helping people be encouraged to participate
  2. foster meaningful and critical discussions
  3. apply and relate narrative implications to real-life scenarios and influences.

About the Author

Yeah, who is writing all this stuff?

Hello there! Marianne with you here. An avid reader, a part-time binge watcher and a story-obsessed fanatic.

I hail from the islands of the Pearl of the Orient (i.e. the Philippines) but by the great mystery of chances, I am currently destined in the Middle East. At 24-year old, I do have a day-job, but outside of that is all books, movies, and occasional gaming. If it’s got a story, I’m on it.

I made this website more of a journal of the storytelling mediums I encounter each day, with the occasional rants, so please bear with me (it will be very few I promise!). As much as I am involved in this concept I am also fairly new to it, so you will see as well some notes on the narrative theory and concept that I find most interesting. In the efforts of trying to study this field of understanding in my free time, you will also see several musings on the concept of narrative itself, and maybe some tidbits and ideas from minds that think about these things, stories and narratives, in their lifetime.

I love the idea of this universal activity that transcends over generations and knows no borders. I always believe that there is more, more and more things to discuss, as narratives have been part of our lives since forever.

To keep yourself updated with the latest posts here on ReflectStory, subscribe today and get an email from me when I post something. Feel free to also check out the social media’s as well, the blog in on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Welcome to the site and may you find your next great story!

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