“The story is so good I can guarantee that you’ll be hooked!

We’ve said this many times before. I know I have.

There are stories that we can’t stop watching, or books that we can’t put down.  You want to talk about it, you want to tell your friends about it, you want as many people as possible to know how good it is. 

Why does this happen? What makes a story so good? I am obsessed with these questions far more than I should. I can tell you that you can always answer it with “because it’s damn good!”

But it doesn’t have to end there. Telling stories have been around for a very long time that it’s human nature. It has been around for decades, affecting our lives, histories and futures. I’m looking to discuss these influences here.

ReflectStory is a small project of mine for exploring narratives that impact our world.

A compilation, if you will, of thoughts and musings on the art of storytelling. Here we explore what makes a TV show worth binge-watching, what makes you flip more pages on an exciting book, what makes a story so compelling that it can outlast generations and generations of story tellers all over the world.

“I heard the story when I was a child and I never forgot about it.

Ever since I was a kid I have always liked books. When I get new textbooks I finish the reading comprehension stories before school starts.

I watched the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Premiere with my family. I borrowed the books immediately, poring over them. The differences and similarities between them and thought them very interesting. That was where it all started for me.

Now, years later, I see adaptations left and right, but not straight copy-pastes of the book. Villains becoming heroes in narratives. Big fictional universes that parallel real world events, highlighting important forgotten moral messages.

Storytellers (writers, directors) are now more creative with building their narratives. Plot and characters are more appreciated when done well, and scorned when executed poorly. Narratives are not just entertainment, but a source of influence. This fact is becoming more prominent over the years.

What is a Narrative?

A narrative is a way in which a story unfolds.

There are many definitions which have been studied over the years, but that is my personal understanding of the “narrative”. It is the way that writers and directors design or craft their scenes or their words to make a linear sequence of events (story) be more impactful. A story can be good in itself, but the way we tell it says much about how it will be received.

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Marianne here! A 24-year old avid fanatic of all things paper. Currently working on the corporate, but a part-time fan of TV, movies, and books in my spare time. Can often predict the endings of soap operas.

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