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Once Upon a Story: Introduction to the Blog

I love a good story.

As a child, movies of classic fairy tales have been my weekend getaways. I watched them over and over until I knew the songs that accompanied them by heart. In 2001, a film about a wizard boy with a lightning scar premiered and I was one of the first to watch. During my high school summer, I watched my cousin play a zombie game from morning until evening. We powered through as we got hooked on its story.

These happened long ago in my lifetime, and now, more than 10 years later, they still rock the world. Disney released the live-action movie for Beauty and the Beast, and it is no doubt that they will do more. The Harry Potter series ended long ago, with the story revived by a fantastic spin-off and a play. Resident Evil 7 came out at the start of the year with anticipation, using VR technologies for immersive play.

Good stories last in people’s minds for hours, years, and well, decades. Especially, when they are well-made. They invoke curiosity over who survives after the last page; how characters live their lives after the credits roll. They foster discussion over relationships and the world of the story. This allows us to reflect on how this relates to our own everyday lives.

Each book, movie, TV series, or game adds a little extra over content. Those aspects are the ones that I would like to tackle here in ReflectStory. These stories that have been compelling enough produce forms of different media or transcendent enough to last longer than a lifetime. Let’s explore these stories and discuss them here, and I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.

Thoughts? Musings? Comment below!

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